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Monster Snapping Turtle Caught in Oklahoma

May 14, 2014


EDMOND—Dave Harrell of Edmond, Oklahoma caught an alligator snapping turtle in Lake Eufaula on Sunday that looks like the guy you have to defeat before advancing to the next level of Super Mario Brothers.

Harrell says he was fishing for catfish when he snagged the prehistoric-looking creature. It is believed to weigh over 100 pounds. Harrell and his companion, Audey Clark, snapped some photos of it and then let him go.

For more information, read this, and happy swimming this summer.



Stormy Weather in Oklahoma

August 11, 2011

Power at my house went out last night around 30 minutes after midnight and didn’t come back on until around 7:00 this morning.

Tarah had to shower by candle light before work.

The shortage was the result of winds of up to 96 miles per hour generated by severe thunderstorms across central Oklahoma. I was awake for a good bit of the storm last night, and it was impacting to experience. I stepped out into it for a while and felt very much alive. The National Weather Service compared the winds to those from an EF-1 tornado and a Category 2 hurricane because they were so fierce.

My house was unscathed, but there were many branches and leaves strewn about my yard.

Some of my neighbors were not so lucky. This guy lives 7 or 8 houses down from me:

I drove around Edmond a bit, and saw many trees around this size toppled, and so many fences collapsed. Here’s another one of the yard at the Bachelor Patch*:
The yard of the Bachelor Patch looked like an impenetrably dense jungle in most places.
Power was off on the AC campus for the entire day, and I think it is still off now. This is sad because it means that many of us were not able to work very efficiently, and that people all over the world were unable to reach the PT, KOD, TD, TE, etc all day long.  Since weather patterns will not improve, I wonder if we should invest in a gargantuan generator that could still power our servers if such an outage happens again.
Anyway, we hope to be back at full capacity by tomorrow morning.
Also, I was running along Simmons Road this afternoon, and came upon a raccoon that was devouring a car-struck animal carcass. I have brand new, ultra quiet Nike Frees compliments of BK, so I was able to get about 5 feet from him before he dashed away. I tried to chase him in hopes of pouncing on him, but his scurry was amazingly fast, and I was slow in the dense undergrowth of the forest.
* I heard a dear friend (who speaks English as a second language) accidentally call the bachelor pad by this name. I’m hoping it catches on.