Area Grandfather Upset that Obama ‘Appointed Loretta Lynn’

Grumpy Old Man

BAYOU LA BATRE, AL—Saying it was a “miscarriage of judgment,” and another sign of the country’s wayward direction, local grandfather Vern Owenby confirmed Tuesday that he has been outraged by President Barack Obama’s decision to appoint Loretta Lynch, the top federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, to be the next attorney general of the United States. “I like her music and her records as much as the next guy, but she don’t know jack squat about running a nation,” said the 71-year-old amusement park attendant. “Knowing about country music don’t mean she knows about leading a country,” the visibly frustrated Owenby asserted. “First, we had that Schwarzenegger fella running the show in California, then the wrestler guy up in Minnesota, and now this country-western singer lady,” the septuagenarian said. “To turn this great nation around, we need to keep the entertainers out of politics, and get more serious politicians like Ronnie Reagan back into the important jobs.” Owenby added that he took some consolation in knowing that the new Attorney General would be white, unlike her predecessor Eric Holder.


2 Responses to “Area Grandfather Upset that Obama ‘Appointed Loretta Lynn’”

  1. revtwentyonefoursumsitup Says:

    This is too funny!
    Coal Miner;s Daughter

  2. revtwentyonefoursumsitup Says:

    This sounds like it came from The Onion!

    Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 21:00:24 +0000 To:

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