A Guitar has Moonlight in it

Many eloquent guitarists enjoy discussing their instruments as much as they like playing them. I celebrate both the guitar and the art of quotation, and this list combines the two passions. From witty quips to profound insights, here is my collection of quotes on the guitar:

As you read through these, feel free to listen to my classical guitar version of Chopin’s Waltz in Bm.

“Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, save perhaps two.”
~Fredric Chopin

“I played guitar for ten years before I realized it wasn’t a weapon.” ~Pete Townshend

“The guitar’s most special quality is its ability to shape the dying away of a sound into silence.” ~John Williams

Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded.” ~Jimi Hendrix

“The guitar, by its very nature, the nature of its sound, by the soft nuance of its powerful and ancient voice, by the magic of the tone, goes directly to the part of oneself where love is felt.” ~Pepe Romero

“The guitar is your first wings. It’s assigned and designed to unfold your vision and imagination.” ~Carlos Santana

“I don’t have any limits, or feel any limits in the guitar. I consider it a small orchestra, and almost perfect. … The guitar has all the colors, and the polyphony, and many, many things — except powerful sound.” ~Leo Brower

“The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.” ~Ludwig Vaughn Beethoven

“I love guitar; it plays my heart-strings.” ~Carolyn Burns

“The guitar is a wonderful instrument which is understood by few.” ~Franz Schubert

“The [guitar is the] instrument most complete and richest in its harmonic and polyphonic possibilities.” ~Manuel de Falla

“I love the guitar for its harmony; it is my constant companion in all my travels.” ~Nicolo Paganini

“Yes, we three were so happy, my wife, my guitar, and me!”
~Big Bill Broonzy

“A guitar has moonlight in it.” ~James M. Cain

“Electric guitars are an abomination, whoever heard of an electric violin? An electric cello? Or for that matter an electric singer?”
~Andres Segovia (before the days of the Piano Guys or Auto-Tune)

“The turning point in the history of western civilization was reached with the invention of the electric guitar.” ~Lene Sinclair

“Take but degree away, untune that string, and hark, what discord follows!” ~William Shakespeare

“The harmonious efforts which our guitarists produce unconsciously represent one of the marvels of natural art.” ~Manuel de Falla

“If a lute player lives to be 100, he spends 99 years tuning and one year playing.” ~Unknown

“The guitar… is like a lady, but one to whom the saying “look at me but do not touch me” does not apply.” ~Gaspar Sanz

“One must make of one’s fingers well drilled soldiers.” ~Fernando Sor

“To play the guitar well is easy, to play the guitar poorly is difficult.” ~Pepe Romero

”I can’t play guitar, but I can sure make it howl.” ~ John Lennon

“Playing guitar is like telling the truth.” ~B.B. King

“My Guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am.” ~Joan Jett

“You should only play pieces that you’re willing to marry.” ~Pepe Romero

“I don’t know, with a piano, in a sense you’re stuck with the sound of the piano so you can only do things which use that sound. Anyway, I never cease to be amazed by what you can say with the guitar.” ~John Williams

“The pleasure of playing a fine guitar will long outlive the pain of the initial price.” ~Ray Fair

“When it is possible that people don’t understand my English, I take my guitar and speak with my music!” ~Celedonio Romero

Also, I occasionally post things for my guitar students here, if you have a hankering to take a gander.


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10 Responses to “A Guitar has Moonlight in it”

  1. erianvillamayor Says:

    A miniature orchestra in itself, indeed! I like it very much. =) Thanks for the post.

  2. Donald Says:

    I would like to see the “extension of yourself. and who you are.”
    more often.

  3. deeyll Says:

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us! I have to agree with Donald and say we would like to see, or rather hear, more of you. I guess I will just have to follow the link you left him and say thank you, in advance, huh? :)

    “A guitar has moonlight in it”, is my favorite of all the quotes you shared because it seems so perfectly fitting, especially when I consider the moon from the NTBMO and so many others of Gods Holy Days. The moon on the NTBMO this year was so bright and full and there were these little puff clouds in the sky, like someone had spilled a jar of cotton balls and pulled at their edges just so, and they were drifting across the sky, passing in front of the moon so it was peeking in and out from them. Like a well orchestrated dance, lacking only the music…but if a guitar has the moonlight in it then the moonlight must have the guitar in it so there was music, for those who have ears to hear…beautiful and moving. Just like the guitar, and your playing of it. So, thank you, again, for sharing your talent…

    Long time fan, first time comme…oh, wait. I think I have commented before. Nevermind. :)

  4. deeyll Says:

    Yep, it doubled! But you can see the progress my thinking made about the moonlight and guitar in the second post so, hmmmm…I guess I should also have thanked you for giving me something to think about, huh?

    • a time to cast away stones Says:

      No worries. I’m very grateful for the encouraging feedback! That was my favorite quotes of the batch too, so I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I am currently recording a new album, so I may start to post some of my works in progress on here soon. Thank you for reading!

  5. Kimberly Novosel Says:

    Hi! Enjoying your blog as always!

    Do you mind if I use your quote from when I was freshly pressed on the jacket of my book? Would appreciate it so much!

    Hope all’s well!

  6. Calvin Atkinson Says:

    Nice rendition!……talented young man, you are… ( enjoying your website! ) Were getting close to ” a time to gather stones together! ” (o:

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